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7 Learning and development trends shaping the 2023 training landscape - Article covers topics on upskilling and reskilling, microlearning, data driven learning, repurposing and outsourcing content, user-generated content and learning on demand.

Resources about Soft Skill Development:

Maybe you've questioned the idea that focused training for soft skills is imperative to the success of your business, but it is time to reexamine that doubt.

  • Research from Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center found that 85% of career success comes from having well-developed soft skills and people skills - Sep 14, 2022.
  • The Stanford Research Institute International and the Carnegie Mellon Foundation found that 75% of long-term job success depends upon soft skills mastery and only 25% on technical skills.
  • 91% of talent professionals agree that soft skills are very important to the future of recruitment and HR - Yale University.
  • Research from LinkedIn identified soft skills as the number one training priority among CEOs. Soft skills are going to be the future of workplace training.

The Hard Truth about Soft Skills - American Management Association

8 Benefits of Soft Skills Training and Types of Soft Skills -

10 Proven Methods To Support The Development Of Soft Skills In Your Employees - Forbes

How to Improve Your Soft Skills in the Workplace -

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Soft Skills - Knowledgecity

How To Develop And Train For Soft Skills In The Workplace. - eLearning

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Here are our top six reasons to use EmployeeAnswers as an eLearning solution.

Resources that support an investment in soft skill eLearning with Employee Answers.

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