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Here are our top six reasons to use EmployeeAnswers as an eLearning solution:

  • Allows you to personalize your content and adopt a people-centered approach to learning;
  • Enables you to collaborate with your team effectively, allowing trainers, SMEs and operations people to work together seamlessly;
  • Makes it easy to roll out eLearning in different locations and update content quickly and with ease;
  • Allows you to continually improve your soft skill eLearning initiatives by analyzing data and collating feedback on how your content performs;
  • Enables you to adapt to new demands and produce supporting digital learning content quickly.
  • User-friendly interface: An intuitive interface means you can start building content right away.

Other things to consider:

  • Level of customization available
  • How quickly you can produce high-quality elearning
  • Level of experience required for the author to use the platform effectively
  • How easy it is to reuse, edit and scale your corporate elearning content]
  • Cost-efficiency for producing elearning content at scale

The mission of our EmployeeAnswers is the facilitation of a continuous learning
environment where your employees can access a knowledge base of self-awareness exercises
and techniques they can use to focus on being better people both personally and professionally!

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