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Competency Based Learning

One of the key benefits of competency-based learning is that learning centers on real-world skills and competency development. Programs are designed around competencies that are needed for a particular call center position ensuring that the material is relevant. The outcome is that employees that have self-identified their strengths and areas for development and are able to focus on the specific soft skills they know they need to develop further to become a better performer in their current position and prepare for future opportunities.

Traditional training is a large commitment for employers, and it is generally accepted that employees forget up to 70% of all information received during training in 24 hours, and all but 10% after a week. It can be difficult for employers to find impactful learning programs where employees can retain knowledge and develop skills that result in recognizable, quantifiable results.

Many experts agree that long-term forgetting can be reduced by inner motivation, associations, and repeating.

The inner motivation could be our fondness of a specific topic or the benefit of the information, which helps us solve a current problem. Associate a new piece of information with a clue, and the probability of storing the information in the long-term memory increases. The crucial element for this step is associations.

Reviewing also boosts your memory. To maximize the effects, repeat information at specific time intervals. Memorizing large amounts of information in a short time, very well known from the long nights before tests, is meaningless in terms of long-time memory.

Individualizing a training program allows a person to access, review and modify the information they are learning so it is personalized to them. Call centers benefit because they are able to create and deliver soft skill training material that is specific to areas employees need development based on their self identified areas for development.

What is the importance of competency-based assessment?
Competency-based assessment can help evaluate your employees' competency profile against those required for their jobs and identify gaps for improvement. This data can be used to create personalized development plans that map your employees' paths within the organization. Using a competency-based learning model allows employees to continue learning beyond the classroom and improve their soft skills.

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