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Core Pillars:

What are the EmployeeAnswers?:

So often the training we carefully create for our teams, is delivered on platforms not built for us. Our SaaS platform was built to individualize training and deliver a premium learning experience that is accessible, affordable and enjoyable! Working with EmployeeAnswers your training is no longer a chore, but an opportunity for people and companies to grow.

A Personalized Solution:

Soft skills, which some also describe as people skills or interpersonal skills, are the social skills, personality traits, and behaviors that allow an employee to work with others and contribute to a team. They are characteristics of the individual that have an impact on communication at the workplace or in the capacity of building relationships with friends and family.

Every person/employee has their own unique set of soft skills, personalities, wants and needs. Trying to determine who needs what, when, where, why and how is a challenge in and of itself. A much more manageable exercise is to give the person/employee the tools that will allow them to explore themselves and discover their own EmployeeAnswers!

There is no better reward or incentive than individualizing
your employees training so it is specific to their needs and
helps them grow both personally and professionally!

We give your employees access to the information and tools - the power - in an environment where learning about the soft skills that will make them a better person and employee is individualized, relevant and enjoyable. In addition to soft skill training we offer additional modules designed to enhance their development by providing them with "life" Answers in a learning format they design and create for themselves.

Continue to review how we organize and implement our soft skill development module based on our competency-based learning framework.