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When people grow, companies do too!

With a 20 year background in the call center industry, EmployeeAnswers has worked primarily with companies supporting their recruiting initiatives. More recently, we have been focused on employee retention strategies for developing, managing and engaging larger groups of people. The simple statement "when people grow companies do too" ignited the development of our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

Improving employee retention is one of the goals of any training and development program and employee engagement is a critical component for successful implementation. What better way to get people to engage than to make the topic about them! Individualizing the training and development process gives employees the motivation to not only participate but give their best effort!

Employees are people first and foremost.

EmployeeAnswers was founded on the belief that employee development and personal development contain skills that overlap with one another. These skills are most often referred to as soft skills that allow people to communicate with others and contribute to a team. What we have created is a learning platform that allows people to more efficiently convert soft skill training and development material to knowledge they can use!

Our SaaS model provides a modular solution that facilitates a continuous learning environment where employees have access to a knowledge base of self-awareness exercises and techniques they can use to focus on being their best - both personally and professionally!

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