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The mission of our EmployeeAnswers Consultants is the facilitation of a continuous learning
environment where call center employees can access a knowledge base of self-awareness exercises
and techniques they can use to focus on being their best - both personally and professionally!

We offer a Software as a Service (SaaS) eLearning solution with a digital media component that facilitates the delivery of YOUR employee development, engagement and retention initiatives resulting in improved efficiency in learning and measurable productivity gains.

Competency-Based Learning:

The foundation of our solution is a competency-based learning model. One of the key benefits of competency-based learning is that learning focuses on real-world skills and competency development. Our service is designed around competencies that are needed for soft skill training and development for specific call center positions ensuring that the material is relevant.

Soft skills empower your employees to collaborate and work together in order to collectively meet company goals and objectives. Employers providing soft skills training report positive impacts on their workforce, including higher productivity and improved results.

Taken a step further, the understanding and development of these same soft skills leads to a person becoming the best person they can be. Providing your employees with the opportunity to work on both simultaneously allows them to improve as a person and as an employee.
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Business Alliance:

Every call center client is included in a group of non-competing businesses to share resources within this eLearning program or any other call center specific issues they face. Alliances are benefited by cost reduction, improving employee engagement resulting in improved call center productivity and better service for the customer.
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Consultant Program:

Consulting working with their clients in a training and development capacity can resell the service to their customers. You maintain contact and ownership of your customer and we supply the back-end processes.
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