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What are the Answers?

Hard skills get candidates noticed by employers, but it is the soft skills that get people hired - or promoted! Employers have questions about employees and future candidates and if they possess the soft skills to succeed in a specific position. We provide the answers to these questions.

The Answers cover 28 soft skills broken down into 4 categories and delivered to help an individual better understand their strengths and areas of development. This knowledge is useful to improve in their current position, write a more effective resume or be better prepared for behavioral interviews. Our Answers come with resume/interview instruction and video overviews ready for you each time you login.

Identifying and understanding your soft skills and how they relate to you to create a resume or prepare for an interview is hard work. Our Answers are organized and categorized to make learning easier and - fun. Ok, maybe the work is not fun, but the result will be a better educated and confident YOU!